Organic Search Engine Optimization Case Study: Katherine Lynn Salon

XFX Studio has been doing Organic Search Engine Optimization for a couple of years now, but we have come to perfect our processes recently – resulting in some really great results for our clients!Our most recent client in regard to SEO is Katherine Lynn Salon in Troy, Michigan (

Being that the industry and services offered are so widespread, our challenge was to ensure that their specialties are found by everyday users.  We felt that in addition to a specific service (such as waxing), we should also target a specific demographic (such as Troy, MI).  Most people searching for a widely offered service are also going to include the criteria of their geographic location.  The resulting query would be something like “Waxing, Troy, MI“.  This way, they are not receiving irrelevent results for waxing in Lake Tahoe.

By the time you read this, the rankings in Google will undoubtedly be different – but below is a list of terms and their corresponding ranking.

Click on each term and it will bring you to the appropriate page in Google showing their site’s listing for that term.

Makeup, Troy, MI (ranked #1)
Nioxin, Troy, MI (ranked #1)
Katherine Lynn (ranked #1)
Lisa Marie, Troy, MI (ranked #1)
Americoif, Troy, MI (ranked #1)
Waxing, Michigan (ranked #2)
Paul Mitchell, Troy, MI (ranked #2)
Redken, Troy, MI (ranked #2)
Waxing, Troy, MI (ranked #3)
Make-Up Troy MI (ranked #4)
Hair Stylist, Troy, MI (ranked #5)
Ginger, Troy, MI (ranked #5)
Troy Waxing (ranked #6)
Hair Replacement, Troy, MI (ranked #7)
Salon, Troy, MI (ranked #8)
Hair Salon, Troy, MI (ranked #9)
Troy MI Hair Replacement (ranked #9)
Tara, Troy, MI (ranked #9)
Makeup, Michigan (ranked #10)
Updos, Troy, MI (ranked #10)
Americoif, MI (ranked #10)
American Crew, Troy, MI (ranked #11)
Nioxin, MI (ranked #13)
Hair Replacement, Michigan (ranked #16)
Redken, MI (ranked #17)
TIGI, Troy, MI (ranked #19)
Troy MI Hair Salon (ranked #20)
Colorist, Troy, MI (ranked #20)
Troy Hair Salon (ranked #22)
Hair Styling Troy MI (ranked #23)
All the stylists are in within the top 5:
Lisa Marie, Stylist, Troy, MI
Tara, Stylist, Troy, MI
Amy, Stylist, Troy, MI
Jessica, Stylist, Troy, MI
Kelly, Stylist, Troy, MI
Nicole, Stylist, Troy, MI
Natalie, Stylist, Troy, MI
Karen, Stylist, Troy, MI
Patty, Stylist, Troy, MI
Jackie, Stylist, Troy, MI
Laura, Stylist, Troy, MI
Ginger, Stylist, Troy, MI

If your organization would like to see the same type of results, be sure to contact XFX Studio for a quote on this worthwhile SEOservice today.  Remember, more traffic means more customers – more customers mean more sales – more sales means a return on your investment (ROI) and ultimately more profits!