Longevity & Expertise

XFX Studio was established in 2001 and is currently celebrating  over 17  years in the rapidly changing industry of web development and new media. We identified early, that informational brochure-style websites were only a part of the equation for a successful online presence with any type of longevity. In order to have clients return to your website on a regular basis – it needed to be a ‘tool’ of your business, or an integral part of your organization’s core business processes or marketing. As such, XFX Studio has created a niche for ourselves by being able to deliver websites that are not only graphically rich (coinciding with your organization’s corporate identity), but also functional – making the website a worthwhile tool to drive business and potentially streamline core business processes – thus providing a quicker return on investment.

Our clients understand that most often your website gives the first impression to your customers. The value of that first impression, combined with the functionality to allow those customers to do business with you via the web is worth far more than the bottom line on a quote.

Fixed Fee Model

Another aspect that has set XFX Studio apart from our competitors has been our approach to project pricing. As all of our web development projects are custom one-of-a-kind solutions designed to meet our customers’ exacting specifications, we approach each project on a fixed-fee basis. This detailed project approach avoids the ambiguity associated with what will be included in the project, as well as avoiding the spiraling costs associated with open-ended hourly commitments.  Our process begins with an initial consultation with the client to determine their needs, after which we assemble a comprehensive proposal that outlines the various functional components of the proposed website structure, as well as associated costs for each of those individual items/functions.

A Modular Approach

Our projects are completely modular as well, meaning that our clients can approach it in phases. Though we submit a proposal that will outline and provide individual costs for all items/aspects that we discuss in our initial meeting – we will build as little or as much as a client is prepared to proceed with in a ‘Phase 1’ of the project. The benefit of this approach, is that even though clients may not be prepared to proceed with all aspects of the project initially – they can utilize this information to know approximately how much it will cost to address added features or components in future considerations.  With technology constantly evolving, current cost estimates may not be exact to what they may be in the future – but they will provide a good estimate of what to expect.


These are the people behind the scenes that ‘make the magic happen’.  Regardless of how big or how small your web development project is, chances are that you will be interfacing with one of these key people on a regular basis.

Dan Wimpari

Creative Design & Marketing

Jeremy Giannosa

Application Development Lead